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Locally harvested herbs and essential oils blended together – our Sedona Bliss Serum is the nourishing oil we use for this session. We focus on your areas of concern, and combine warm stones with cool compresses soaked in essential oils, mixed to send waves of relaxation through your body. The music recorded for this treatment invites your mind to succumb to a deep calm. We incorporate some cooling techniques for the nervous system that encourages the session to stay in your body and continue its harmonious dance.


90 minutes – $190

Hot Stones


This deeply relaxing session is a wonderful way to release tension, and can be combined with deep tissue massage, if you like. Smooth, dark volcanic and river stones are chosen and prepared with hot oil, then blended into the massage. Amazing relief is discovered in this ancient therapy.


90 minutes - $190

75 minutes - $170

60 minutes - $150

Tavish Technique


We use our Arnica Body Oil, renowned for its anti-inflammatory qualities, for optimal pain relief. Long strokes, combined with trigger point therapy, and slow shoulder stretches work with your myofascial system to reset muscle memory. Attention is directed to the structural components of the body in this physically releasing massage. Can also be upgraded to deep tissue for additional fees.


90 minutes - $190

75 minutes - $170

60 minutes - $150



Lover’s Special

Luscious Chocolate Body Butter is an organic treat for your skin! With some hot stones and our super moisturizing body butter, we melt the stress away. Your massage is customized to meet your needs, and a sample-size jar of our Body Butter is yours to keep. Receiving this treatment, side by side in our couples’ room, is a perfect way to celebrate your love.


90 minutes – $400 for two

($200 for one in our single room)



60, 75 or 90-minute Customized Massage

With this treatment, you are able to fully relax lying face down on our cushy, pregnancy bolster system. This allows your neck, back and shoulders to be massaged completely by one of our trained female pregnancy massage therapists.


60 minutes – $140

75 minutes – $160

90 minutes – $180

Note: Can also be part of a couple’s massage.



Soothe your Senses

Warming and calming, sandalwood is renowned for its health benefits such as reducing inflammation and soothing aches and pains. Using hot sandalwood oil and warm, smooth stones, this session takes you deep and allows your body to return to a place of serenity with clarity of mind, body and spirit.


90 minutes – $190



Energy Balancing Session

Intuitive, personalized treatment that cools down the nervous system and invites you to relinquish hidden tensions and patterns of stress.


60 minutes – $150



Nervous system cool down

With gentle manipulations, we encourage balance within the movement of the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum by skillfully releasing restrictions and compression, to reduce stress and pain.


60 minutes - $150



This nurturing session uses our Heartfelt Vibrational Body Oil combined with energy balancing massage and aroma-breath-work to help you release, restore and re-calibrate your heart chakra. We finish with our detoxifying Sedona Mud Mask chest treatment, while you are cocooned in a steamy body wrap.


90 minutes - $190

Hydration Wrap


Rejuvenate moisture-deprived skin. Enjoy a full body massage with your choice of organic oils and lotions. The moisture is then sealed in with a steamed aromatherapy body wrap with essential oils.


90 minutes - $190



The best of both worlds, this session starts with a 30-minute facial massage, using organic raw honey and soothing calendula, we cleanse, soften and hydrate your face and neck. Next, your feet get a super treat with a lemon zest foot scrub made with our very own Himalayan salt scrub blended with sunflower oil and lemon zest. Finish with a foot massage using our organic citrus butter.


60 minutes – $150

Saydrin Massage


This nurturing therapy considers tending to the spirit as important a goal as treating the body. “Saydrin massage is a balancing technique, and it is as relaxing as it is energizing.” The massage is a very meditative, rhythmic experience combining some smooth, hot stones, our nourishing and grounding Vital Vibrational Body Oil with graceful tradition.


90 minutes - $190

75 minutes - $170

60 minutes - $150

Many Oils Massage


Each of our signature blends of therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils delivers powerful results. Starting with the head, neck, shoulders and back, we release deeply-held tension, and follow the stress pattern throughout the body, giving you a complete sense of rejuvenation.


90 minutes - $190

75 minutes - $170

60 minutes - $150

Duossage (4 Hands)


Together, using simultaneous, rhythmic motions, two therapists unravel your body’s deepest layers of tension. We pull the tightness out of your limbs by stretching and massaging in unison. Our four hands create a blissfully relaxing massage like you’ve never experienced before.


60 minutes - $260



A warm, steamed foot wrap begins your journey. This very detoxifying session addresses the whole body through reflexes in the hands and feet. The results are immediate and powerful.


60 minutes - $150

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